About TCCF

TCCF is a Canadian based charity. Its mandate is to enable poor and critically ill Caribbean children get the specialized medical care they need, as quickly as possible. Our vision is to remove all barriers, especially financial, between a critically ill Caribbean child and access to proper medical treatment and care.

Presidents Message

Jay Brijpaul, President

Sixteen years ago, a little Girl from Trinidad, Nirvana Garib, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Her family, saddened and desperate for hope, prayed for a miracle. They needed money to pay for a very difficult brain surgery. It was a daunting CAN$90,000. The Caribbean community came together and within one month, they raised the funds. Nirvana's surgery was successful.

Nirvana’s brother Avinash said “it was indeed a miraculous recovery and we thank God and the TCCF every day. This year TCCF celebrates its 16th Birthday. Without any doubt, it is one of the best Charities to support. Absolutely no one is paid; everyone is a volunteer and every dollar donated goes directly towards saving a child's life. James Wright, Chairman of the Herbie Committee, described TCCF as an extraordinary organization and in 2014, TCCF was presented with the Spirit Award by The Herbie Foundation. This award recognizes outstanding performance and commitment towards helping critically ill children.

As we move forward, TCCF is bringing health Care closer to the Caribbean by partnering with other International Charities such as the International Children's Heart

Foundation/BabyHeart and SpineHope, U.S. Hub. By doing so, we at the TCCF are able to help more children at less cost. Through you, the donors, 101 children are now enjoying a healthier life style. This brings us closer to realizing our vision: "there should be no barrier, especially financial, between a critically ill child and access to medical treatment".

TCCF is now placed on the International Arena because of its reputation to assist critically ill, Poor Children from Guyana and the Caribbean, to receive the specialized medical treatment they need in order to save their lives. This year alone, TCCF donated $50,000 to the Herbie Foundation; $24,500 to Sick Kids Hospital and approximately $30,000 to ICHF to pay for surgeries. This is a remarkable and outstanding achievement for a Caribbean Charity with a relatively small donor base, but we are able to succeed in helping these children because of you.

So, on behalf of the management team at TCCF, I want to personally thank each one of you. I sincerely hope that you will commit to our $20.00 per month pledge because we cannot do it without your help. You are the wind beneath our wings!

What distinguishes TCCF from other charities:

  • TCCF is a 100% Charity
  • Everyone is a Volunteer, No-one is paid.
  • Every dollar raised goes directly towards the specialized medical care of Caribbean children.